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When two sisters, Lyla Ford, a successful stunt woman and her sister Kat Ford a sought after makeup artist decide to change course after Lyla is almost killed in a stunt-gone-wrong accident, they never think that becoming Pet Nannies to the stars will put them on the trail of a cunning murderer.

Lyla’s visit to take care of a Golden Retriever puppy named Gracie turns into a murder investigation when she discovers Gracie cuddled up next to a dead woman who turns out to be a well know actress–Faith Sheridan, a long time cast member of The Far Horizon, a famous day time drama. Faith left a note that asks that they find a good home for Gracie if anything happens to her.

When Lyla and Kat look into Gracie’s records with her Vet, they find that she was given up to a shelter when her owner, a young actress, Mandy Farr disappeared just as she was to audition for a role on The Far Horizon.  Her car was abandoned with the engine running on a rural road heading in the opposite direction from the studio.

Lyla and Kat decide to offer their Loving Pet Nannies services to the production of The Far Horizon and investigate what connection the show might have to Faith’s murder and Mandy’s abduction.