Long time-no post!

A few things have happened since my last post. Of course The Cassandra and now the newest Stella & Chev mystery, The Anteros have joined the series. The Cassandra was so fun to write and I got to continue the story in The Anteros.

Love has been on Stella and Chev's minds and suddenly their client from their first case, Layne Brody is getting married on the beautiful college campus where Stella was a professor and Dean, as she would say, in a prior life. The whole 'joy and hope' of the ceremony seems to send Stella in to a funk.

When a body turns up in the creek that runs through the historic campus, the ladies are called away from the romantic reception where Stella watches the romantic dancing and feels even more gloomy.

As Chev says, solving a murder always cheers Stella up and soon they have plenty of mysteries to keep them busy including psychic warnings from Stella's Aunt Bertie's friends-the mysterious Dunbridge sisters. The warnings about evil and revenge turn up in an on-campus blog about unrequited love and the dark anger that calls for revenge, even murder.

When the killers, or as Chev refers to them, the psychos get too close, love is the only power that can win over evil.

The Davinia Cole mystery series came to me one day and I wrote the first case in less than two weeks. As a longtime Sherlock Holmes fan-since childhood-the story just popped into my head and I entered it into a British writing contest. I didn't win, but now I have a new series and will be adding cases to the series.

D.I.R.T is another idea that flew into my head and I love the characters so much that I am working on the next case in that series as well.

It is so nice to have the time and good health to write all these characters who I love so much!

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