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D.I.R.T. The Case of the Scarlet Roo

When a little girl in a frilly pink dress appears on the dark web on a notorious pedophile website, someone is watching. Known simply as DIRT—the mysterious young woman who secretly works with the cybercrime unit of a multistate taskforce to prevent child sexual exploitation—has a special interest in this case. She knows the little girl is being held by a vicious network of pedophiles know as the SRS—The Scarlet Roo Society.

DIRT has already helped Ethan Zane—the FBI agent who heads the taskforce—to close down most of their overseas operations, but this little girl’s rescue will be handed by her own team—her partners—a genius boy hacker, a spiritual young man from Tibet with major skills and a young nurse practitioner from the free clinic.

In the battle with a worldwide network of vicious predators and their army of murdering thugs anything can happen—lives are lost and secrets are revealed. 

In a room so dark no light emanated from any source other than the eerie bluish glow from a bank of state-of-the-art widescreen computer monitors, a small figure sat in front of the largest screen. Slim fingers from child-like hands that just cleared the ends of a long sleeved black hoodie flew across the keyboard. The glow of the screen illuminated a thin face with silvery eyes, a long straight nose, full pale lips and a shock of fiery red hair that jutted from the edge of the hood. 

Each screen exhibited lines of text with occasional photographs and videos. The slim fingers were manipulating the displays on each screen while scanning the details of every post. For a moment, the fingers stopped moving. A photo flashed up of a little girl who sat in the middle of a large bed. Her long dark brown hair curled around her face and fell down to her shoulders. The frilly pink dress she wore was a bit too large for her slender body and the pink lipstick and reddish rouge on her pale cheeks was certainly inappropriate for a child that looked to be about six years old. Her big brown eyes had a haunted, wary look about them as she clutched a small stuffed animal to her chest. It was a scarlet kangaroo.

Dav Ila Rae Tansy, known simply as DIRT, prompted the video button under the photo and watched, waiting. The little girl seemed frozen looking straight at the camera except for the thumb of her right hand that rubbed the kangaroo’s neck. A man’s arm passed briefly in front of the camera and the image became closer. The little girl hugged her toy tightly and a look of panic crossed her face before the video abruptly ended. DIRT punched some keys until the image of the man’s arm was isolated on the screen. She hit a few more keys and the man’s arm filled the screen. The watch he was wearing seemed to fascinate her. Her lips twitched briefly into a grim smile. 

“What’s wrong?”  The words fell so softly that they were nearly soundless—one decibel above telepathy. A tall figure dressed entirely in black appeared at her shoulder.

DIRT cast her silvery eyes on the lithe young man with jet black hair and eyes—Mako Sharwa. “There’s a new one.” She pressed replay.